Wellness Cottages

Each private unit in our wellness park is housed in a super romantic solid wood cottage. The climate, the scent, the atmosphere, and even the sound are completely different in such a cottage. As soon as you walk through the door, the stress just melts away.  Each unit is named after an animal and given a Finnish name. 

Fotoboek Metso openen

Fotoboek Karhu openen

Fotoboek Kettu openen

The first one is called Metso and is made of mechanically abraded massive beams of 170mm.

The second cottage, called Karhu (Bear) is a kelo hut. The first kelo cottage (read house) where you can stay for a night in the Benelux. Even more special, more exclusive than the last one. The typical scent of kelo, the appearance, brings you back to nature. An unforgettable experience.
The third cottage is the Kettu (fox). made of mechanically abraded massive beams of 210mm thickness. this cottage will also give you a unique experience.

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