Outdoor massages



Looking for a comfortable massage in open air, under the pine- and oak trees?  Unknown for most of us.  Those who has experienced it are talking about it with their friends.  "We really recommend it" , "an amazing experience", " it was over before we realised it " fantastic", "words can not express it",  are expressions that always come back after those massages.

Beside the crackling and cosy 'firecamp', under infrared lamps on heated benches, given by professional masseurs and hot massage oil, these massages are unknown in Belgium. Appropiate Zen music makes you dream and brings you rest.  You will enjoy it, you'll not easely forget it,  you even will remind it frequently, you will come back! Because : it is " Heaven on earth."

If the weather is not good enough, the massages will be given in the cottage. but still in a romantic atmosphere.

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